My brother is balding and he's only 19?!?

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My brother is literally going bald, and he's only 19! We know that baldness runs in the family but we didn't expect it to hit my brother so early in life. Is this normal? Can it be reversed seeing he's still young?




  1. He can get hair surgery. Its famous these days.

  2. He can try any one of the numerous products available to stop/reverse balding, but he should just get used to the fact that he's going bald.

    They show plenty of those before and after pictures in the ads but I have never known any one to have had any noticeable results from these products, thats not to say that some have though. I think it's just better to accept the inevitable then to keep fooling one's self.

    Have him visit a doctor and see if the root cause of his balding can be discovered.

  3. What a load of rubbish answers. Just because baldness runs in the family it does not mean you shouldn't see a doctor and get him checked out...

    Get him to see a doctor about it.

  4. its normal but if your brother had a puberty class he should not worry.

  5. nothing to be concerned with..its in his favor, bald in in, and very hot..

  6. This isn't normal, but it does happen to others.  The chances of regrowth depend on the cause of the baldness.  It may be hormones like DHT, stress, one of various conditions that cause hair loss,

    or a condition called progeria, wherein the person ages at an accelerated rate.  The last one affects all metabolic systems, so it would manifest in other structural symptoms.

    The best way to obtain peace of mind would be to go to the doctor, get some blood tests done, & take it from there.  If baldness is the only issue, he could either shave or wear a wig.  Drugs like Rogaine & Propecia only work when genetically disposed individuals lose hair due to DHT.

  7. Does he wear hats a lot?  Seriously, that will cause a man to bald earlier because of poor oxygen and circulation to the scalp.  But if not, tell him to shave it and be done with it.  Skin is in.

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