I have a son who has a problem???

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This may seem weird but me and my son talk about every thing... and yesterday he told me he masturbates(don't know how to spell it) but he said when he thinks s***n will come out it a clear substance he says its sticky but its just not white its clear... i don't know what to say plz help!!!




  1. troll

  2. I have learned that when you are in early stages of puberty, it will come out clear before it turns white.  

  3. Say EWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! na im just kidding but seriously its called pre-*** and it lasts about 1-2 years then you develop Sperm. tell him that sperm is to be used wisley and that if you want a baby go find a girlfriend.

  4. normal  

  5. I am a CCMA

    It is called Pre C U M and it is normal...

    Glad to hear that he talks to you nice to see parents talking to their parents

  6. thats perfectly normal. Every male that hasnt gone thru puberty yet has this

  7. It's more than likely pre-ejaculate.  Maybe he's not quite old enough for the full load yet.  Tell him to give it a little time - it will turn a milky white.  Depending on how far into puberty he is - not all guys mature at the same age at the same time.  Each person's chemical makeup is different.  Sometimes genetics play a role in our development.  He just needs to be patient & everything will work itself out over time.  Now is the time for him to learn patience.

  8. lol

    Yeah wut she said

  9. If your son is in puberty, that is normal.

  10. You have a son old enough to m********e, and you weren't sure how to spell m********e.

    You don't know anything about s***n, how did you get pregnant in the first place?

    Next time you come up with a stupid question, try make it not sound so stupid.

  11. he may just not be producing sperm yet, especially if he is around or under 13

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