Smoking dosent kill?

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why does everyone say smoking god d**n kills? Ive been smoking for around 23 years and I dont get sick or have cancer or any other lies like that. Ive known many friends with similar acts. My frinds grandfather smokes 1-2 a day and hes 91 years old? Ive knonw many people who are 90+ and are alive and smoking well.

Why does everyone say it kills when it dosent?




  1. Because it does kill. A lot. It just doesn't kill everyone who smokes, in fact, I don't think it kill most of them, like, only 1 in 10 actually get lung cancer, but that's still way higher than normal. Many people also suffer respiratory problems without ever being lethal. It also makes you more likely to be killed by heart problems earlier in life, which is the number one killer of people in America. So a lot of times it doesn't directly kill people, it just makes them more susceptible to other things that kill them.

  2. Well, everything is un-healthy for you, but I like what you're saying still.

    My grandparents are 87 and 83 and have been smoking for over 60 years, and showing no signs of quitting. Between them maybe 10-15 a day now. It use to be a lot more. If you were to take their cigarettes away, they would probably die.

    It would be like taking away ones medicine.

    My father is 64 and has been smoking for 50 years, and he's never had 1 smoking related illness. He was a 3 pack a day smoker before cutting it to a pack a day.

    My sister and I have been smoking over 20 years, and like our father, no smoking related illnesses. I'm about a pack and half a day. She's a little more.

    So yes, it has really done us a lot of harm.

    Can you imagine how old my grandparents would live to be, if it were true that every cigarette you smoke takes 7 minutes off of your life?

    Give me cigarettes over greasy fast food any day. Now there's a killer.

  3. It DOES kill, not only you but also the ozone and also all the people around you. if you smoke near a mall or something and a child passes by, there taking in chemicals and toxins which they shouldnt also known as 2nd hand smoke. it can kill THEM, so basicly for yor enjoyment your murdering a little kid. do you take pride in that?

  4. It INCREASES your chances of lung cancer, heart disease, etc; etc. Not everyone will die, but most people I know have gotten sick. My moms best friend died when I was around 7 years old because she was addicted.

    And I know what your saying, I know an old lady, shes a grandmother, smokes everyday, LOOKS GREAT, and shes not on any medication for anything. Shes 80 something.

    But that doesn't justify how many people it kills every year.

  5. it can kill you.  

  6. It increases the chance of cancer and death. That doesn't mean it will affect everyone the same way.

  7. Smoking does kill, there have been tests to prove that. You can't treat this lightly and expect that you will take no harm or are in no danger from smoking; the risks are there. For instance, you know, as does this entire nation, that eating fatty foods clogs arteries and leads to heart attack, so some people avoid the fatty foods for this reason. People don't refute that argument because they know it to be true and it has been proven in hospitals and medical labs everywhere. So too has the fact that smoking leads to cancer, emphysema, and a myriad of other problems. People simply don't accept this fact because it's acceptable for people to smoke, and it's not acceptable to be fat. Smoking also ages you much faster than normal; the smoke dries your skin and causes it to wrinkle many years before your time, and it also causes small lines to appear around your lips from holding a cigarette in them for so long. I'd consider that something to be frightened of, as a wrinkled, old looking face will impact your ability to meet someone who will be attracted to you. Nobody ever considers this, simply because they don't believe what is being told to them about smoking. But again, I cannot stress this, smoking does kill, so do not candy coat the facts by the simple reasoning that you've never seen anyone you know die by it. Volcanoes kill people too, and I'll bet you don't know anyone killed by a volcano. Does that mean that volcanoes don't kill people, if I go by your logic? It's simply irrational to ignore the consequences just because you don't see it personally, and you might come to regret it if one day it does happen to you.

  8. first learn proper grammar and second it's a proven fact that it causes cancer and heart disease and stroke. i have had several relatives die from smoking related cause so learn your facts
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