I can't help thinking about what it feels like to be old...?

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I am 15 and for a while now I have been thinking about how "able" I will be when I grow older . I have also been wondering if keeping fit and healthy makes you more energetic. I know I've got a long time to go untill I get old but I always think about the future. How can I stop these thoughts?




  1. dude u have to stop thinking about that. Not to scare u but they say that when u worry alot or get mad too much, u turn old faster and u grow silver or white hair earlier than usual. So just stop that.

  2. Stop asking these questions to yourself:it is borderline OCD.

    I am getting 57 this year and till now the question never popped up even once:just live your life.Best thing to do.


  3. go see the doc and tell him you think you have OCD

  4. I think about it here & there but youre kinda obsessing over it, maybe you need some xanex 4 axiety or something. Are you worried about not being able 2 get around, I dont get it? Theres stuff called drugs hun they cure everything lol HGH (human growth hormone) is I believe what Madonna, Demi Moore & alot of older celebs take 2 stay young looking & muscular. I plan on taking it around 35-40 myself :)

  5. just start exercising and keep in shape and dont smoke or drink or do anything harful to your body.

  6. Never give up looking ahead to the future.  What you are doing now and any alternations you choose to make toward your future, should be done.  You are doing the right thing.  I am a litttle older than you, still athletic, still making plans for when I get older, and I have longevity in my family (my grandmother was 105).

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