The affects of starting puberty late?

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Are there any affects/disadvantages/advantages of starting puberty later?




  1. If you are a late bloomer it usually translates later in adult years (20s and 30s) into looking young for your years. Most everyone can appreciate that, but always carry your ID with you. You also have to learn how to handle any idiots that want to tease you. Just tell them when they're old and wrinkled you'll still be getting laid.

  2.   I read somewhere that males who entered puberty later were more likely to lead a longer life than others who didn't.

  3. I would have to say that physically, no.  Now, what that does to your feeling of self, that's another matter.

    My best bud in high school didn't hit puberty until the summer between his junior and senior year.  He had to go all through junior high and most of high school with no body hair, a 'baby' p***s, and a high voice. The strange part is that he grew in height, and was about 5'8" before puberty hit.   It never seemed to bother him, and I even tried to talk to him about it once.  But I sensed it was a big deal to him.

    He came back to school in the fall with a HUGE p***s, hair everywhere, and had grown six inches.  And was now a bass in the choir.  

    He had no medical problems that I knew of.  Just started really late.  And he was SO happy his Senior year.  

  4. Assuming you began to grow taller before going into puberty, you will probably wind up taller than your freinds who got there first. This is not a hard and fast rule though, because some early bloomers get tall as well.

    The main thing you have to ask is what is late? It is so individual. I started at ten, so to me 13 would seem late.  

  5. no. by the age of 18, everyone has caught up.


  6. No, not psysical.

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