Could It Be Late Puberty???

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ok, what ive learned is that Most girls will have their first period between the ages of 11 and 14. But some girls will start as early as 8, while others may be as late as 17. My friend turned 13 in may and she hasnt had her first period yet. im worried about her. i had mine when i was like 11in a half but what about her. when will her time come?? is it a health problem?? plz help.




  1. It all depends on her genetics and her health. If she is underweight, it could cause her period not to begin. A girl usually gets her period around the same age that her mother did. 13 is not late at all. I personally know a girl who did not get her period until she was a sophomore in high school. She she talk to her mom about when she got her period or go to a doctor if she is worried about it. =)

  2. It's nothing to worry about. A few friends of mine didn't get their periods until way after they turned 13.  

  3. Your friend is fine i knew a couple people who hasn't gotten their period till they were 13 maybe she will get it this year but een if she doesn't I doubt that there is a health problem.

  4. i'm 13 and my doctor thinks i'll get mine in 2 years

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