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Im 14 and I have almost gone through everything, pubic hair, growth, and i have peach fuzz. The only thing that hasnt happened is my voice changing, even though my friends say it did it just doesnt seem like it. Like pretty much it only will crack if i say something high, so yeahh im just curious about if its changing, or not?




  1. nick it is in the process of changing it will even out before long  

  2. yes, that sound like your voice is changing

    voice change is often one of the last things in puberty

  3. It will but later on and you will probably not really notice until it happens.

  4. It will change just give it some time. Some young men see changes earlier than others. Nothing to worry about.

  5. i beet u it had change a bit...u will not be able to tell but other will so listen to ur friend...u might just have a high pitch voice...

  6. if its cracking when you use high pitches then that&#039;s the start of your voice changing.

    as you go through puberty everything will change at different rates.  some kids will have hair first then voice change, others will have voice changes then hair.  there is no normal, correct, or average on this.

    it is changing, give it 6 months and you will notice it much more.  the change will be progressive.

  7. At 14 you are still in the middle of the process so your voice still has lots of time to change as well as all the other things that grow !!

  8. Yup it will.

    Just give it some time.

    1 day U&#039;ll wake up &amp; BOOM !!!

    U&#039;ll sound like a little girl, hehehe.

    It su*cks BIG time, but that&#039;s just the way life is my man.

  9. you cant tell your self

  10. yea its like if  you see someone you haven&#039;t seen in like a year. they change and so do you.. you probly don&#039;t notice cause you listen to yourself everyday.

    mind answering this??;...

  11. hey dude.... to test if ur voice has changed or going to change what u need to do is keep ur hand on ur back and speak.... if u feel a lil vibration then ur voice is changing.... and remember if u are a singer do not use ur voice much... u might not be able to sing any longer  

  12. It sounds like you&#039;re a late bloomer.  If you ever need to chat and share your feelings just send me and email.

    -Jesus Saves

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