This girl likes me very much but she likes this other guy too...?

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i love this girl and she really likes me but theres another guy that she also really likes and she cant decide who she wants to be with the other guy is funny but she says I'm sweet and caring loving an we are both really hot what can i do to win over her vote maybe a song telling her just how much i care about her and that i want to hold her every minute of the day




  1. YES. that's so sweet. or maybe get her flowers

  2. that sounds good. But sometimes, when guys are TOO sweet, it makes the girl wonder if they're being fake. So make sure you're being sincere. I don't mean to say that you don't feel that way, I bet you are, but maybe just say "I just want you choose who will make you happiest, because that's what i want. for you to be happy. But just know that I am happiest when im with you. YOU are what makes me happiest"

    idk. I would just..idk, that would be amazing if a guy told me that. And it sounds like you care for her that much. Don't say exactly what i said, (because it wouldn't be coming directly from you) but..something like that would also work.

    good luck!

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