Help! p***s f******n is tight

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I am able to pull it back so that the p***s head is entirely exposed, however the skin that is pulled back is very tight and sometimes when i have s*x with my gf it is uncomfartable. does anyone have any advice i dont really feel like telling my mom, and i know since it can be pulled back all the way a visit to the doctors would be useless




  1. i had this problem when i was 8 years old and my doctor showed me what to do to help loosen it and he said to put a finger into the f******n and gently move it around the head and then pull the f******n down and up as far as you can and do this in the bath as the water will help soften the skin  i also had to put some cream on it and then move my f******n and pull it back and forth [m********e] this was to help stretch it.

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