What kind of drug is hubby on? I will list some of the things he does and stuff I have noticed.?

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I know he is on something because: he has rashes on the back, arms, chest, and stomach;weight loss, sleeping too little or too much, lack of appetite, sweating a lot, lying all the time, friends that do drugs. He even smelled like burnt plastic, amnonia and bleach all mixed together. I would say he is smoking weed, but when he comes home, there is not a smell on him. My brother was taking ecstasy and went off and robbed a bank and didn't even know he did it. Could this be what he is on, they don't hang together.

Lately he will leave for about 2 hours and come back. He can't sit still. He has a very bad temper and severe mood changes.

He lacks interest in s*x (but I noticed that he has a dark tan around his p***s--from the tip to the middle part like he has been wearing condoms that were too tight--what for???? g*y s*x--I heard that a friend of his is g*y-- Is that normal).




  1. I would say meth except the part about his slow response to answering questions sounds like ecstasy or heroine, but I don't think its cocaine, crack or marijana. Check for needle marks on his arms and legs or a pipe in case of crack. Take some of his hair follicles or even urine if he hasn't flushed the toilet to get tested, which can also come in handy during the divorce. As for the p***s marks, it can get numb from drugs so men sometimes do extreme things to the p***s to get some sensation from it.

  2. Crack smells like burning plastic...

  3. nothing you said describes marijuana use, so you can eliminate that.

    my guess would be harder drugs. sounds like cocaine(crack), meth, amphetamines, or some kind of opiate.

    i dont think its ecstacy, ecstacy makes you reallllly horny so that doesnt describe the lack of s*x drive. also ecstacy doesnt cause loss of memory so your brother was most likely lying that he didnt know he robbed the bank.  

  4. Crystal Meth or Crack Cocaine

  5. sounds like crack and he can be bringing dangerous fumes and dust home to you and yours get help .

  6. My guess is Meth. About the um, tan around his p***s it could be caused from one of those p***s rings that are supposed to stop ejaculation...... maybe that left a mark or something I dont know because he was dying to blow but couldnt. It could just be straight kinky s*x, not necessarily g*y s*x.

  7. Sounds like good old meth to me

  8. Crack , get away as fast as possible.

  9. I would say a combo of different stuff. But steroids can cause these symptoms---> "He can't sit still. He has a very bad temper and severe mood changes. Lacks interest in s*x" (because of decreased size?)

  10. it sounds like cocaine or meth..

  11. It sounds like he is into methamphetimine. I am sorry for you. I hope you can get away from him and start trying to piece your life back together, he is physicallly and mentally unhealthy and both can infect you too.  

  12. if he were using drugs there is a list that he could be using,  it isn't easy to say what he's on,  meth is the first on the list, crack,  

  13. hfh

  14. Meth

  15. honestly i hate to say it, but he wouldnt be like that on drugs like marijuana, oil, or hash. He is on harder drugs i would say like cocaine, meth, or crack. sorry :(

  16. uhmm yeahh

    he's on drugs


  17. what does it matter, if you are divorcing him this will not be a problem you have to deal with.  

  18. Sounds like Meth, Crack or Heroine too me. Even the combination of all, but certainly sound's like he is on hard drugs.

  19. You wouldn't use a too tight condom for g*y s*x...

    Possibly crack or meth..

    Oddly, most of the symptoms you mentioned are for depression..

    [ Weight loss, Sleeping too little/too much, lying a lot, bad temper/severe mood swings, lack of interest in favorite things.]

    And the rest are of overdoses of Zanex..

    I can only suggest continuing the divorce but telling family to watch him beacuse he has been acting weird.

    Hope i was of help..

  20. Crack or meth

  21. honey your husband isn't on meth he's cooking it. He's also using probably doing other drugs as well most people that get that far into it go all the way a few xanax to sleep a little crack or coke here and there. but the smell, they imply cooking meth and that would explain the rashes on the back from the vapors. plus paranoia and irritability go along wiht that

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