Slight pain with ejaculation?

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The past few days whenever I've ejaculated, it feels like not all the s***n came out, but enough does to be a convincing o****m, and right after I get a pain close to the base of my p***s, not a sharp pain but more of like if I was to pinch the base while I ejaculated. Is there a reason for this? I thought I was dehydrated so I drank a lot of water, then I masturbated again and there was no pain, but again today I did it and it hurt.




  1. woah..ive never heard of that before. i sometimes get an ache if ive wanked too much and cummed a few times in a that the cause? if you can think of any other reason i guess you'll need to go to a don't want to take any risks.

    noooo it wont be anything to do with your diet. i'm thinking muscle strain, or a strain to the ligament that holds your c**k to your pubic bone..or prostrate cancer..or an shouldn't have asked me i'm a pessimist. sorry.

  2. ah sorry to hear this mate =[ this could be from the tube inside ur p***s ( where there sperm travels from) got bruised from having too tight a grip on ur d**k, or one of ur testicles could be bruised.

  3. ew quit touching yourself.

    jk uh id go see a doc it

    could be something serious.

  4. when i get my p***s, i'll let you know.

  5. I would consult a physician.  

  6. wow thats freaky why dont you try acutpuncture and really stick it in there so your p***s will once again not have wierd serum! lol ( i agree with  the other person stop touching!

  7. You Need An Emergancy Circumsision - Allow me to be of assistance  -Im a baker!

  8. calm down on the wanking lool

  9. when u start to ejaculate keep going for about a min after to see if it all come out you pee after you come...if so it could be the cause of the pinch...

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