I have a serious p***s Problem plz someone help me?

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I'm 14 and i have an uncircumcised p***s, i have had this problem since this morning, i noticed that the head of my p***s was wrinkly this morning and the skin around it was as well. these wrinkles don't look like normal wrinkles, they feel leathery and they look a little like a crystal pattern when they fold up, and when im erect the wrinkles go away but there is weird dry white stuff that can peel away from it. it hurts to jerk off. plz im really scared and need answers




  1. Rub it with hand cream or something like that.

    Vaseline is a good  thing to use.

    Wash it with water first  (No soap)

  2. wash it off with a little soap and make sure you rinse it off well.  after you dry it, you might consider a few drops of hand lotion to soften the area

  3. Need to CLEAN yourself better

  4. Sounds like soap irritation that may have induced a thrush or fungal infection as well.

    Stop using soap, just plain water is enough. Get some Canesten or similar cream from a pharmacy and that should clear the infection. You could try a bit of olive oil or other natural, non-scented moisturiser.

  5. i am  circumsized.. but one day same thing happened.. it was the skin getting peeled of...its happens i dnt know why but it happend with me 2 years ago...and im okay..:D:D

  6. Being uncircumcised means you need to clean your p***s on a regular basis, because the flap of skin that surrounds it can encompass lots of dirt and other things.  Its not just masterbation

  7. It's possible that soap is irritating the area.  Are you washing your glans and the inside of your f******n every day?  You don't have to use soap, just water is enough to get it clean if you do it once a day.  If you do use soap, make sure to wash all the soap away before you dry your p***s and fold your f******n around the end again.

  8. This is normal. It sounds like when you jerk off you dont clean up your *** from the head of your p***s.  That crystal pattern is from that.  

  9. Try a sensitive bath or body wash, preferably organic. It sounds like you have a reaction to normal chemical factory-made soaps. I find coconut oil to be very useful and non-reactive (for after shower use).

  10. I wacked off with dial soap once when I was 12 it made my p***s skin really dry and it sounds a lot like what you are going through. I would stop masturbating  for the time being and maybe apply some Vaseline or a moisturizer to your p***s, but don' play with it until it stops hurting. Make sure you clean up after yourself.

  11. u had a "wet dream" which is when u ejaculate when ur sleeping unconsciously. it happens because ur mature enough to produce sperm, and they pile up, so they are overflowing.

    btw, u gota check ur bed sheets and ur underware, they might get wet too. and way to prevent it is to m********e till u ejaculate 2-3 times a week

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