Ok, fine - How do guys feel when they know were on our periods?

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As a warning, I AM A GIRL! A girl who hates stupid periods. So don't get all "God I hate it when GUYS post questions like this," because I am not a guy.

So ya, how do you feel when you know its "that time of the month" lol




  1. I always try to buy my gf choxie from target (a must) and flowers.  I try to keep her happy, Its a good excuse to do nice things for her! :)

  2. Try and make them comfortable.

    And try not to make them mad or there is h**l to pay lol.

  3. i usually lay off them for a while and just agree with everything they say, even when theyre stressed out. i dont look at them in a diferent light when theyre on their periods, i just think to myself that its natural and normal.

  4. guys know not put theirs in there lol

  5. time to bring out the big guns

  6. I feel sorry and try to help out with things usually.  

  7. Doesn't bother me that much. Just keep a towel nearby and be ready to shower

  8. Well its kinda good to know Because then i know to stay away from her.

  9. I feel like she should relax and exert more control over her emotions and actions because many studies have proven that PMS IS A SOCIETAL CONTSRUCT and has no basis in biology.

  10. well i'm a guy so they usually make you more attractive to them or there going to think your more mature then you were hope i helped!

  11. Scared.. very scared! O__o'

  12. i feel better than the girls do

  13. Stay in my man cave.

  14. I couldn't care less.  Women who are knocked up get no sympathy, either (unless i did the knocking).

  15. If we know were ready for the bad moods.

  16. we feel good the same way we feel when your not on your period. Your period has nothing to do with how a guy feels it only affects how the girl feels DUH!! We just m********e for 7 days.

  17. That's what bomb shelters are for.

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