Am I doing everything right?(Betta stuff)

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I have the spawning tank set up and the male built his bubblenest, and I let the female out. He chases her for a while, then once she is under his bubblenest he circles her and flares, but she runs away, but she does have the vertical bars on her side. I know eventually she will stop being scared of him, so my question is, am I doing everything right? I also have a microworm culture that is mature and I will feed the fry 3 times a day. Is there anything else I should know?




  1. if your lookin for breeding that sertain color or trait then i would just leave her in the tank with the male by herself and leave them alone.  dont watch them.  

    but if your just lookin to breed betas find the same almost color beta and fin style and put a few females in there with him.

    not only this but you seem very sure of yourself that your doing good and i think that you are also.   but remember not everything you need to know about breeding fish is in the internet or text books,  you need to find out threw experience.  you will find tricks that work for you adn you will find out what dont work for you.   just practice.   and if you fail try again.  

    also remember you NEED to buy seperate containers for the males.  which there will be alot of.   the females you can just put into a 10 gallon tank.    but the males need to be seperated.  it is very important

    any other in particulare questions dont hesitate to email me

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