Is anyone doing the Pepsi Stuff thing?

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If so, why have the amount of DVDs you can get gone down? I had my eye on some DVDs and I can no longer find them. Does anyone know why?




  1. Hey bud, I know how disappointed you are.  I feel the same way.  What happened was a long story but I will do my best to explain it.

    About 3 months back, Pepsi Stuff ran a 2-day promotion where you could receive a free 5-point code by just entering your email address.  However, Pepsi failed to state that the email address had to be real and failed to limit the number of entries to one per account.  Therefore, some jerks figured this loophole out and started entering thousands upon thousands of fake emails and receiving upwards of 60,000 Pepsi Stuff points.  Because the max capacity of each account is 3,000 points, they just opened up numerours Pepsi Stuff accounts and filling them to capacity.  Needless to say, once they accumulated these massive amounts of points, they redeemed them for hundreds of DVDs, eventually depleting the stock to the junky DVDs you see today.  They also redeemed them for other things such as dozens of shirts and towels that they didn't want or need but could turn around and sell them for profit.

    How do I know this you might ask.  I was on eBay about 2 months back and saw several auctions for 3,000 points.  I wondered how someone could accumulate so many points at once and why each code was 5-points, when the largest code you could get was 4 points (check the Pepsi Stuff rules).  Anyway, I emailed this guy and asked him how he got the points and he told me exactly what I stated above.  This guy had already redeemed his points for close to a 100 DVDs, dozens of shirts, and dozens of towels.  Now he was just trying to sell the rest of them for more of a profit.  Eventually however, eBay pulled the auction because it was illegal to sell Pepsi Stuff points (check the rules again).  However, this guy did manage to sell 3 auctions for $80 a pop.  Also, I emailed Pepsi Stuff and asked them why the selection was so small.  They replied stating that intial lot of DVDs allocated for the promotion "had been depleted."  They never indicated if they would ever update the site again, but I wouldn't count on it.  

    Hope this helps!

  2. i dunno i never do those things

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