Masturbation and STD's?

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Question 1: if a guy has genital warts or herpes are either of them able to be spread after that guy has masturbated and then touched a door k**b or something else so that another person can pass the germs to their genitals?

Question 2: Also if the guy who has the disease washes their hands and then touched their face could that person pass the herpes to their mouth?




  1. Answer question 1: I dont think that you can spread gential warps or herpes of you touch a door k**b or anything else, but it is a Good Idea to wash your hands.

    Answer question 2: You can not pass herpes to your mouth if you wash your hands after you touched yourself.

  2. well you cant get herpes in ur mouth unless u suk ur wah wah.

  3. My doctor told me that the herpes virus in the mouth (simplex I) mutates into simplex II when an infected person gives oral s*x to another.  I don't know if it goes the other way, but it probably does.  I don't think you can get herpes from a doorknob.  Like most other STDs, it doesn't do well outside the body.

  4. You can even spread them to yourself, actually. Are you trying to start a South Park like spread of herpes by touching things just to infect other people ;) I think once you wash your hands you have washed away the risk but don't take that to the bank.

  5. don't know.

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