Do any other guys have this happen once in awhile?

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when it feels like one ball is not there and you have to like dig it out? lol




  1. have ur balls not dropped yet. haha i remember that happening all the time when i was little. hasnt happened since i began puberty though

  2. Yeah it happens, not so much when you get older like, they get too big to have to be "dug out" but yeah, nothing to worry about.. Unless you can't actually dig it out, that happened to my neighbour once when I was a kid I think..  

  3. nope

  4. Only when I ejaculate one crawls up un me but comes right back down on its own.

  5. Only when I was eight!

    If you are, it's normal.

  6. lmfao, no :|

  7. When you are a baby boy the testes have to get from your body into the s*****m. It's called they descend. There is an opening where they slide though. Sometimes this opening will remain big enough that one or even both testes may retreat back into your body, depending on temperature or for other physical reasons. However, they will normally return to where they belong. If not, you may have to have some surgery since the body temperature is to high for the proper functioning of these glands.

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