What is the difference in funding of financial aid for Graduate Students as opposed to undergraduate?

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I am curious about this as I am preparing to apply for Graduate Schools and I want to know if there is more or less aid generally given in Graduate or Undergraduate degrees? Is there a large difference, especially if you are considered the "neediest" in terms of aid?




  1. Well there is not as much financial aid for Grad students. Even if you are considered the "neediest" your financial aid will come in the form of loans unless of course you get a scholarship. I attended a private school and now I regret it because I had to take out loans to pay for my tuition. I probably could have afforded to pay for a public school but I had to be picky. =(

  2. For masters' degrees and professional schools there is little *but some at schools with large endowments) need based aid and loans are the rule, for PhD programs, most get fellowships and act as TAs so all expenses are covered.

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