Im a very broke college student & was wondering if I would be eligible for food stamps, relief, medical etc?

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Im a broke college student who is getting financial aid for school from a Pell Grant & I dont have any income & its been hard to find a job in the evening w/ my school hours. Im not married, no kids & I was wondering if I could be eligible for food stamps, relief income, medical etc? If so, how could I go about this process?

Oh yeah, and I also live at home currently w/ my parents so I dont pay rent or bills (I cant) & Im moving in w/ my boyfriend in Oct who will be paying all of the bills, will this help the situation?





  1. Your parents would have to apply for the food stamps.  If you have a Pell grant they are likely poor already.  Maybe you should ask them if they get food stamps.  They would apply at the local Department of Human services office.  They could also ask if you would qualify for health insurance, but I think this would only apply if you were under 18,

  2. You may want to not move in with your boyfriend, because if they decide to award you anything, it will be based on your parents. They may consider him an extra provider for you and deny you aid.

  3. You can get food stamps only if you meet a student exemption. To do this you have to be approved for federal work study, be disabled, or be working 20 hours per week.

    Moving in with your boyfriend won't hurt your food stamp case if you purchase and prepare your meals separately.

    You do not have to be on a case with your parents as long as you purchase and prepare your meals separately from them because you are over 21 years old.

    You are not eligible to medical unless you are under 22, over 65, considered disabled by the state or have children or be pregnant. Your best thing to do would be to go to the school financial aid office and tell them your situation. You may be able to get more loans and you want to tell them you want to apply for federal work study. Once the work study gets approved go in apply for food stamps and be sure to take the award letter with you.

  4. Definitely go apply.  Parents have nothing to do with it.  I know of many people that have done that.  I went to college with them they qualified for many things.  Just be truthful and go try.  Ask some of your poorer friends if they have had the experience.  i know that the welfare office will ask you to get a verification from your financial aid office.  It's really easy after that.  Just keep on top of the paper work.

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