Food stamps.. Applying today. Please help?

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Today my fiancee and I are going to get our food stamp account reinstated. And since its almost the end of the month, will we receive them by the 1st (which was the day we got them on before)? Also, I may be pregnant, do I tell them I am. Or just wait until I have a confirmed blood test?




  1. Your worker now has a new 30 day period in which to approve your case unless you are eligible to emergency food stamps. You are eligible emergency FS if your income is less than $150 or your rent and utilities are more than your income. You don't need to tell them you are pregnant until you know for sure but it won't hurt or help anything my letting them know now. It doesn't affect your food stamps until the baby is born.

  2. Even though the food stamp program is national, each state may administer it differently - I'm not sure. Chances are, you will get the food stamps on the same days of the month that you did before, because the days are determined by your SNN or some other way that doesn't change.

    The important thing to know is that you can ask them for emergency food stamps and if you qualify, you'd get those within 24 hours.

    Do tell them you think you're pregnant. They may not be able to do anything until the pregnancy is confirmed, but they may be ale to refer you to WIC right away, and if you have to go to an appt. for WIC, you may know for sure by the appt. day.

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