I am worried sick and don't know what to do now?

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In 2003 I was diagnosed with a condition which meant I was unable to work (I had a good job in an office) so I was told that I was entitled to Incapacity Benefit, I am on medication for my condition, and if anything my condidtion has got worse over the years, my doctor signed a form saying that I was unlikely to recover which meant I didn't need to get a med certificate from him each month, over the years I have had various appointments with doctors woking for the Dept of Work and Pensions and each time I have been deemed unfit for work, so imagine my shock when after my last medical I was told that my benefit had now stopped, when I checked the form it soon became apparent that the person who interviewed me had scored me wrong, he marked me at 5 points when in fact it should have been 25 points,in other words it is an error on his part, he wrote down the opposite to what I said!

Now I am informed that my case is going for an appeal, I am at my wits end, surely because it is in an error on their part it should just be ammended and thats that, why am I being made to suffer like this when I am GENUINE? its bad enough having to live with my condition let alone be put through all this for someone elses negligence, wht can I do?




  1. Only Thing I suggest is either

    1. Letter to your Local M.P

    2. Re-assesment with Doctor and show them that!

    Best of luck!

  2. I would phone up the DoWP and insist that they must sort this out asap as it is causing you great distress. It is their mistake and they must sort it out. Insist that they help you now.

  3. I would go to your local CAB and talk to someone about this. Have you found out how long the appeal will take? Are you receiving any money whilst this is happening? I really think that you need to talk to someone that in knowledgeable about the system. If can't go to them ask them to come to you. I would certainly go through a grieveance procedure as well, putting in complaints and make sure that the person who interviewed you is called into question too! Good luck and hope it doesn't drag on for too long.

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