I need help with Fafsa?

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Im a usa citizen, but am on visa going to alogoquin college. I did my fafsa and the efc was 0. Does this mean I still can get grants and the loan for school? Im paying more money due to being international. Any help would be greatly appreciated,




  1. If you are a US citizen going to a US school you can use financial aid.

    You cannot be a US citizen and an international student.

    I think you are leaving out some vital information.

  2. If youre EFC was zero, all that means is that you are not expected to contribute any money towards your tuition out of your own pocket.

    It means you are eligible for the maximum amounts of financial aid. You're not GUARANTEED to get the max, but it shows you have a greater need for financial aid...Grants and Loans both.

    Here are the amounts offered (assuming you are a first time college student):

    $5,500 in Stafford Loan Money:

    ($3,500 between subsidized and unsubsidized, plus an additional $2,000 unsubsidized in an increase that the government recently approved...I believe beginning last spring term)

    Pell Grant Money:

    (Based on need, and since your EFC is ZERO you would be eligible for UP TO the maximum amount, which is $4731)

    FSEOG Grant Money:

    (Short for The Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant. This is for students with the MOST financial aid need, and amounts vary from $100-4000 a year).

    Your school will create a financial aid award package based on the information in the FAFSA you filled out (FAFSA directly sends your info to your school as long as you put it on the application). Once you're given an award letter from your school, it will list all the money they are offering, and itemize it by grant/loan/etc. You can accept it all or just a part. It's totally up to you.

    Hope that helps. Good luck!!

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