Difference between undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate degrees?

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If you can be detailed ill thank you so much!




  1. undergrad: Bachelor's degree

    grad: Masters or Doctor degree

    (used in england) postgrad:Same as grad in US

    sorry...not 2 detailed

  2. In the Uk....

    Undergraduate degree is a Bachelors degree (BA Bsc...with or without honours)

    When you pass this bachelors degree you are a graduate and may apply to study for a Postgraduate qualification which can be a PGcert, PGdip, Masters Degree(MA MSc etc) or  PhD (Doctorate).

  3. Undergraduate, means you completed less than 4 years credits.

    Graduate, means you completed requirements for Bachelor degree.

    Usually, 5 years will mean an Honours Bachelor standing.

    Post-graduate would be Masters degree in 2 more years, usually.

    Doctoral degree is typically 3 to 5 more years of credits.

  4. Undergraduate is your first degree, typically 4 years, typically a bachelors associate or bachelors of science.

    Graduate degree is a masters degree, you do this after your undergraduate degree, ussuaally 2 years

    Postgraduate is a PhD pr Doctor of Philosophy, done after your masters degree, afterwards your title becomes "Dr" instead of Mr mrs or ms. Ussually 2 years and is required to teach your subject at a university

  5. Undergraduate is working towards a bachelors or associates degree.

    Associates- Two years of college, 60 credit hours

    Bachelors- Four years, 120 credit hours.

    Graduate  is  having the undergrad (Bachelors degree) and working towards a doctorate (PHD) or a Masters

    Masters- six years of college all together

    Doctorate- Eight years of college all together.

    A post graduate is having a doctorate

  6. Undergraduate = your first degree.

    Graduate = when you finish your degree

    Postgraduate degrees = degrees you can only do once you are a graduate.

    There are also Postgraduate Cert, Diplomas. There are also Masters and PhD.  

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