Out of state tuition costs?

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I'm a resident in Oregon and am wanting to go to school in California. I was wondering just how much it would cost me a year at Cal State Northridge but I can't seem to find the information on the website.

The website is

Please help :) ohh and also i can't find out when spring term 2009 begins, if anyone is good at website surfing and can find that out would be a great help!




  1. I used your link to find the cost of attendance and academic calendar pages.

    Cost of Attendance:

    scroll to the bottom for nonresident fees

    [homepage --> prospective students --> cost of attendance] OR you can click on the link from the "general information" box on the homepage

    Academic Calendar:

    [search from homepage: calendar]

    I find that the best links to find information like this are the prospective students links. Those tend to have general information and commonly asked questions. The pages are usually easy to navigate because they're intended for students unfamiliar with the university and its policies.

    Good luck fellow Oregonian! :)

  2. With room and board, out of state cost totals about $30,000 per year.

  3. Hmm, their info is very covoluted, kinda hard to figure out.

    "If you are NOT a resident of California, you must add $339.00 for each unit to your basic registration fees. The total Non-Resident Tuition fee in an academic year shall not exceed $10,170.00, equivalent to 30 units ($339.00 x 30 units). The summer term will NOT be counted for the academic year unit cap."


    Fee Category           0 - 6.0 Units  

    State University Fee    $ 885.00   (If you took 6 units, credits or whatever, add $2034 to this = $2919)

    6.1 + Units

    $1,524.00 (+ $339 x however many units you take)

    Spring 2009 term classes start January 20

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