What is the difference between graduate and undergraduate??

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What is the difference between graduate and undergraduate??




  1. The difference is that a graduate has completed graduation while undergraduate hasn't completed graduation.

  2. Well Graduate have a degree after schooling,

    & undergraduate is still doing graduating & will get degree.(Bachelor)

  3. UNDER

  4. if you are persuing your graduation, you are under graduate.

    if you have completed your graduation then you are graduate.  

  5. Under is one of the difference....

  6. Bachler's Degree having is a graduate and non having degree is under-graduate.

  7. graduate is one who has obtained the bachelor degree and undergraduate is one who is still pursuing bachelor degree.

  8. An undergrad is someone who is still working on their first 4 yr degree.  A graduate is someone who is working on an additional degree above the 4 yr one they already have earned-- usually working towards a Masters or PHD.

  9. One who has passed ten+two+three exams is graduate and one who could not clear the above exams is under graduate.

  10. Graduate already has a bachelor degree (working towards master/PHd )and undergrad does not.

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