Free travel for students?

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Is it possible for students to get a free bus pass?

For example, if they have to travel to another town to get to their school or college.

If so, How can I get one?

If anyone could find me a link to apply for one I would appreciate it.





  1. Call the bus company and ask them about student rates.  They're the ones who decide.

  2. I think it might depend on where you are so check with your local council. At my school in Lincolnshire you could only get a free bus pass up to year 11 and sixth formers had to pay.

  3. It does really depend.

    Some places give all under 18's free transport, some bus companies give students discount rates and some councils will pay for a pass.

    If you HAVE to travel to another town ie there is no suitable school closer to you then you can apply to your LEA for a 'discretionary' grant, but it is just that, discretionary, it is entirely up to the LEA whether they give you the money for the pass.

  4. In what state are you in, there is not such thing in my state.

  5. In the UK?  No, unless you are also an old age pensioner, in which case you DO get a free bus pass.

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