Do i still get my financial aid money?

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I'm already enrolled in college but due to problems i cant go to school till next semester. This semesters classes haven't started yet and i dropped all my classes do i still get my money for this semester although I'm not going to school till Feb.




  1. No you don't get the money for this semester, they take it back. Money is only for schooling, if it's not being applied towards tuition, you won't get it. You have to be enrolled for that semester and since you are not a full-time nor part-time student for this semester anymore cause you're taking no credits, you forfeit this semester's financial aid.

  2. No, you have to be actually taking classes to receive financial aid.  

  3. No, you only get financial aid for semesters you are enrolled in. As long as you dropped all of your classes by the refund deadline, you won't owe anything for this term...but you won't get any financial aid until you are re-enrolled in February.

  4. No, but depending upon the type of aid, you may be able to apply some of your fall money next semester for living expenses or books.  

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