Whats the difference between Undergraduate and graduate?

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I want to Attend UofO in Oregon for interior design, but Im not sure how they're programs work lol. HELP!




  1. Undergraduate refers to coursework or standing at the Bachelor's level or below. Graduate level refers to coursework or standing post-baccalaurate (Master's, Specialist, MFA, MBA, doctoral, etc.).

  2. graduate means you've already earned your first degree in college and are continuing on for a higher degree.

    undergraduate means you're just starting toward your first degree.

  3. Assuming that you're still in high school, after graduating, you will start college as a Freshman in undergrad. You finish in about 4 years and get your Bachelors (BA or BS). Then you can go on to graduate school which is usually 2 years to get your master's. Each school has it's own application process.

    The standard in today's work force is starting to be a minimum of a master's degree.

    Good luck with your studies.

  4. um..graduate simply means you've graduated from college...and undergraduate means your still in college

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