Releasing Braylon Edwards was in the team’s interest, says 49ers Coach Jim Harbaugh – NFL News

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Releasing Braylon Edwards was in the team’s interest, says 49ers Coach Jim Harbaugh – NFL News
A day after the release of wide receiver, Braylon Edwards, San Francisco 49ers’ coach, Jim Harbaugh, said on Wednesday that the decision was made in the best interest of the team.
Addressing media at 49ers’ headquarter, Harbaugh asserted that all the decisions are made keeping the team’s interest in mind, and releasing Edwards was just one of them.
“We are doing what we feel is in the best interest of the team, like all decisions,” he said.
The 49ers have axed Edwards at a crucial time when they are already short of wide receivers.
Ted Ginn Jr. is suffering from an ankle injury and tight end, Kyle Williams, was forced out of the game against Seattle Seahawks owing to an injury. Tight end, Delanie Walker, might also miss the playoffs after a jaw injury he sustained last week.
When asked whether it was a right time to release a receiver, Harbaugh refrained from explaining his decision. He, however, admired Edwards and said that he appreciates the contributions made by the players.
He said:
“I don’t feel the need to explain it or rationalise. Get the best roster out there that we can. The best for our football team. That’s why the decision was made. That’s what all decisions are made by.”
Edwards had an injury-riddled season and that might have become the reason for his release. At the start of the season, he hurt his knee during a game against Dallas Cowboys. He missed four straight games due to the injury.
That was not it. Later in the week nine, he hurt his shoulder during the game against Washington Redskins.
Owing to his injuries, he has failed to remain consistent on field. In the nine games he played this season, he only has 15 receptions for 181 yards under his belt. He did not even score a touchdown.
Meanwhile, quarterback, Alex Smith, has said that he was shocked to know that Edwards was released. However, he said that it was a part of the game and everyone should move on.
He said:
“When you’re in the middle of a season you don’t have a lot of time to reflect on something like that. Personnel decisions are something that’s just a part of this. Week in a week out I found that out my rookie year and every year since. We’ll just have
to keep going, obviously.”
On the other hand, different reports suggest that Edwards has cleared waivers after being axed. According to
ESPN, Edwards is not a free agent.



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