San Francisco 49ers’ head coach, Jim Harbaugh: Randy Moss wants to compete – NFL News

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San Francisco 49ers’ head coach, Jim Harbaugh: Randy Moss wants to compete – NFL News
San Francisco 49ers’ head coach, Jim Harbaugh, has said that the newly-signed wide receiver, Randy Moss, who is making a return to the National Football League (NFL) after sitting out for one year, wants to compete hard and that the team will provide him
an opportunity to do so.
Harbaugh was speaking in an interview with KNBR.
Moss, 35, has recently signed a one-year contract with the 49ers. After the 2010 season, which he played with Tennessee Titans, Moss announced retirement from the professional league. However, he took the decision back and rejoined the sport after missing
one season.
49ers have given him an opportunity to make a comeback and Harbaugh has consistently backed the team management’s decision of brining Moss into the squad.
Moss is not even participating in the team’s offseason voluntary workout programme at the moment and he will report to the management at the end of this month.
In his 13-year career, Moss has represented Minnesota Vikings, Oakland Raiders, New England Patriots and Titans. He will play 14th year of his career as a 49er.
Harbaugh thinks that Moss is a great player and a future Hall of Famer. He said:
“He’s got the ability, so he's got that. He'll have the license to go out and compete, and we believe that that's what Randy Moss wants to do. The reality, of course, will all play out, and we'll watch that unfold, whatever that is. We're betting it's going
to be somebody that's going to contribute and be a factor on our football team in a really positive way.”
The head coach further said:
“Randy's got a chance to put a real stamp on his great NFL career, which could be a Hall of Fame career. We'd like to be a small part of that, selfishly, for our team. We'd like to see it be a great year for Randy Moss.”
By the looks of the things, Moss is expected to get a plenty of field time in the next season, but he will have to work really hard to prove his selection by the team, which wants to win the Super Bowl ring in the next season.



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