Major League Baseball Special: What to expect from Los Angeles Angels in 2012

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Major League Baseball Special: What to expect from Los Angeles Angels in 2012

The Los Angeles Angels are entering into new Major League Baseball season with lots of high expectations as they have acquired some of the very best talents in this offseason. Slugger Albert Pujols and star pitcher C.J Wilson has insistently given the right
kind of spark which was needed at this particular point to boost up the team’s morale.
Both are world-class players and know how to bring stability in a certain franchise. The Angels, now from the past few years were facing serious troubles, but with these two individual, the Angels have created solid wall against uncertainty.
These drastic steps which will be giving extra persistent results from next season onwards, rather gave the Angels’ management a clear intention of facing potential difficulties in the next season, and to avoid these difficulties, they had to spend some
cash to buy these prodigies.
Since both these players have arrived in the franchise, the stakes are high and every fan is expecting World Series title. However, looking realistically the things are still not that easy for the Angels to surpass every tough opponent taking away the precious
Some former and experienced players like Torii Hunter, Bobby Abreu and Erick Aybar can also give slight depth to the Angels’ 40 man roster. Currently these all are practicing hard and playing well in the 2012 Major League Baseball Spring Training and showing
some great energy.
Evaluating every player critically and giving them confidence on their certain lack of abilities will be the key factor of success. The Angels’ management, coaches, managers know how to give confidence to their certain players who are coming with less self
assurance and less self-belief.
Mike Scioscia, who is the Angels’ manager, is also working hard to build a strong team. He is trying for a right mix especially in batting order which he has earlier described in the media as well.
Scioscia said, “I think we have some guys that are very comfortable setting the table and hitting in front of Albert when they're going to be in the lineup. We're not going to mail in the lineups right now.”
He added with confidence, “There's a long way to go. I don't think it's going to be an issue, but we'll adjust some of the things with Albert if they become an issue. As far as guys that are going to be in there every day practice, we don't have the pure
on-base percentage guys that maybe some other teams as table setters.”
Another thing that will work for the Angels in the coming season is taking full advantage from their young Minor League players and Major League prospects. A complete range of hitters to pitchers are already waiting for the call. Currently the Angels have
around ten to eleven good prospects working extremely hard in the farm system.                                                                                                                                                                                                                  
Alexi Amarista along with Jean Segura, Kole Calhoun Taylor Lindsey and Garrett Richards are currently making the news. These young players have enormous amount of energy and pretty much know their roles. If these players do come at middle of the season and
make some good play, the results will be enormously positive for the Los Angeles Angels.                   
The views expressed in this article are the writer's own and in no way represent's official editorial policy.



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