Davey Johnson inspires the club with his peculiar management style for regular season 2012 - MLB

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Davey Johnson inspires the club with his peculiar management style for regular season 2012 - MLB

Everybody was fascinated after what happened in Washington Nationals' exhibition game against Miami Marlins and how the kind of plan Davey Johnson has for players exposed. When Nationals lost a game the other day, a surprise overwhelmed everyone as to why
Johnson remained silent over one of the worst mistakes committed by their first and third base runners in the game.
In a no-out situation, with fielders brought near from the infield and Brett Carroll and Jason Michaels standing at first and third, it appeared only a matter of time for Nationals to experience a victory.
As it turned out however that weak co-ordination led to a double play and hence the loss, no help came forth during the situation from Johnson. Sure it was that if the same had happened in regular season, immense hue and cry was to be an immediate aftermath.
Who knew that Johnson had an axe to grind with everything that happened and had actually to derive something hitherto was in nobody’s imagination from it. He had deliberately put off his role of guiding runners on bases and had left everything on coaches
to let them see and make an understanding of different issues.  
As Johnson is now set to assume his role from Tuesday for streamlining offensive attack, he believes now that he will be in a better position to get things done from coaches. What surprised many however is the fact how manager afforded moments for his coaches
to have a watch of them and how he knew he will derive maximum this way.   
The whole episode has actually re-enforced the fact about Johnson that he is an innovative manager. He treats events differently and yet on merit. Knowing that Spring Training is about removing bugs and flaws and detecting weak-links, he did exactly the
same thing.
Instead of relishing with players’ strengths and claiming a credit for them, he sent players into situations where they will more likely to show their weaknesses. As it goes, the earlier the weak-links appear and are removed, the better the performance the
club is going to experience.
Regardless of how Nationals perform during season, the way they are being managed is going to be nothing short of a fascination for them.   



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