Concussion symptoms still bothering Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kevin Kolb – NFL News

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Concussion symptoms still bothering Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kevin Kolb – NFL News
Arizona Cardinals’ quarterback, Kevin Kolb, gave a slight hint that he might not be able to play the last game of the regular season against Seattle Seahawks this weekend when he said on Wednesday that he has not fully recovered from concussion he suffered
earlier this month.
After attending a limited practice session, he informed that he had a test a day earlier to ascertain the nature of his injury. According to the results, he said, he still has the symptoms.
"I had a full psych exam. It showed that I'm a little slow with reaction stuff and some processing stuff from my baseline that I had earlier in the year. It basically just validates what we have been saying as far as the symptoms."
He asserted that there was nothing ‘serious’, but maintained that he could not play with such injury.
Kolb is having an injury-riddled season. He missed four straight games earlier due to a turf-toe injury. His return was not very fortunate and after playing one complete game, he had to leave the field in the other after receiving a hit from his opponent.
His recent injury has kept him off from the last two games. Heading towards the last game of the season, Kolb wants to stay healthy and start it.
Despite the injury, he is eager to play because he wants to end the season for the Cardinals on a positive note. The Cardinals are eliminated from the playoff race and a win will only help them improving the record book.
With seven victories and eight defeats this season, the Cardinals are ranked third in the National Football Conference (NFC) West division ranking.
“That's very important for us to go 8-8. That's a big thing in our locker room. We felt that we had a great thing going this last half of the season and we want to continue that for next year," he said.
Kolb has played nine games this season. He has completed 146 passes of 253 attempts for 1,955 yards while throwing nine touchdowns and eight interceptions. He has a quarterback rating of 81.1.
During his absence, John Skelton has started for the Cardinals. He would start the game against the Seahawks if Kolb sits out.
Skelton has started six games while playing seven this season. He has completed 129 passes of 235 attempts for 1,642 yards. He has thrown 10 touchdowns and 13 interceptions and carries a quarterback rating of 68.1.



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