Williams expected to be amongst top ten at 2012 Malaysian Grand Prix – Formula 1

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Williams expected to be amongst top ten at 2012 Malaysian Grand Prix – Formula 1
Williams is expected to be amongst the top ten teams at the 2012 Malaysian Grand Prix after an impressive performance during the season opener at Albert Park in Melbourne, Australia.
According to Mark Gillan, the chief operations engineer of Williams, they are working at their best to score some reasonable points at the second GP, after showing some good pace last week at qualifying on Saturday and during the first race on Sunday.
Furthermore, he said that Sepang Circuit was medium pace track which would be quite tough on the front tyres as a result of which Pirelli had specified both the medium and hard compound for the second race.
In addition, he said that regardless of the hot and humid weather the probability of the safety car was limited. However, he said that they might need to open the levels of cooling in order to cope with the conditions.
It would be interesting to mention that Williams is amongst the teams which are running the car with the conventional designs for the 2012 F1 season.
Williams’ driver Pastor Maldonado believed that they were close to the top teams’ pace.
Maldonado had performed impressively well during the first GP after they had a disappointing last season. Despite his crash during the last lap in chase of Ferrari’s Fernando Alonso, he said that he was confident about the performance of the car and expressed
that they were surely ahead of the contenders who were in the midfield.
“McLaren and Red Bull look strong, but we are not far away,” Maldonado is quoted by Turun Sanomat. “We were very close to (Red Bull's) Mark Webber in the first and second stints. I think we are faster than Ferrari, Sauber and Force India.”
He also said that he wanted to take the same pace to the next race in Sepang circuit and targeted at getting good result for the team. Besides, he said that the second GP would be tough for all the teams.
Nonetheless, he stated that he was extremely positive with his competitive car and asserted that they would do their best to place themselves in the top ten.
Furthermore, Maldonado’s teammate, Bruno Senna said that the track in Malaysia would be quite hard-hitting and they needed to have a good set up in their car in order to perform well. He added that he had been at Sepang earlier and was looking ahead for
the second race.
Williams have won 9 world championship titles and it has been a long time since they have been viewed as one of the midfield teams. Nevertheless, probably now is the time for them to take a step towards bringing their old legacy back and to prove out what
they really deserve.
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