Winning after loss is challenge, says San Francisco 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh – NFL News

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Winning after loss is challenge, says San Francisco 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh – NFL News
San Francisco 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh has said that winning after facing defeat in any game is a tough challenge that his team is facing right now, hoping that his players will be able to deal with pressure as they prepare for Week 4 game.
After an exploding start to the season by defeating Green Bay Packers and Detroit Lions, 49ers surprisingly lost their Week 3 game against Minnesota Vikings, who certainly played well on the game day.
Now 49ers are scheduled to play Week 4 game against New York Jets, and Harbaugh thinks that it is a challenge for his players to stay motivated and once again get back to winning ways.
According to the details present on the team’s website, the 49ers head coach said during a recent radio interview:
“You have a loss, you get that bad taste in your mouth, there’s only one mouthwash that can really get that taste out. That’s coming back and preparing and coming out and being victorious this week. That’s the challenge for us, that’s where we’ll put our
Harbaugh also appreciated Vikings for playing well. He said of Vikings:
“They were able to move the ball, pick up first downs and score points. It was a close competitive game, pretty much the entire game and we came up short.”
49ers are Super Bowl contenders this year after a brilliant show in the 2011 season that saw them ending a long drought to enter the playoffs. They are once again excepted to qualify for the playoffs, but the start to the season campaigns of other teams
in National Football Conference (NFC) West division has increased competition for the 49ers.
They must focus on improving their mistakes and prepare hard to face the Jets, who will play the game on their home field.
Meanwhile, Harbaugh was also asked about a controversial call that was made during Monday night game between Green Bay Packers and Seattle Seahawks. The call resulted into victory for Seahawks. Harbaugh did not favour any side and said:
“Wasn’t glued to the television set last night. We were game-planning early morning hours and woke up and heard about it.”



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