Dallas Cowboys gearing up for New York Giants – NFL News

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Dallas Cowboys gearing up for New York Giants – NFL News
As the finale to decide the National Football Conference (NFC) East division leader nears, Dallas Cowboys are preparing hard to face New York Giants in a do-or-die game, which will send either of the team into the playoffs.
The Cowboys have not forgotten the defeat they received at the hands of the Giants earlier in the season when the latter travelled to Dallas.
The host had almost won that game, but for the heroics of Giants’ quarterback, Eli Manning, who led two drives in the final five minutes of the game to score two touchdowns, and get a decisive three-point lead.
Now at the end of the regular season when the stakes are much higher, the Cowboys are seeking more than just revenge.
In a delicate situation where both the teams are tied for the first place in the division with eight victories and seven defeats each, the Cowboys are confident that when they will play in New York on Sunday, the result will come in their favour.
Linebacker, Bradie James, claims that the Cowboys are fully confident and excited about playing the Giants in a knockout-game. He said:
"Confidence? If you don't have any confidence, you shouldn't be here. That's our solution. Like I said, everybody has jobs, you guys have a job, I have a job, my job is to go out there and help this team win, all of us. We're confident. It's win or go home.
We are excited about the opportunity."
The Cowboys have maintained a poor on-road record this season. Out of their seven away games, they have lost four. This could be a cause of concern for coach, Jason Garrett, who thinks that his players have done well to get this far.
Garrett acknowledged that it would be a challenge to play against the Giants on their home field. However, he maintained that his team is capable of beating the host to clinch the playoff-berth.
He said:
“A lot of things go your way and some things don't go your way. For us, things have gone our way enough to give us this chance. It's going to be a great challenge, it's going to be a great night."
The anxious sentiments regarding the game were also echoed by tight end, Jason Witten, and defensive end, Marcus Spears.
Both of them think that the game is important, but considering the fact that it is a must-win and the last game of the regular season, they said, the excitement is at its threshold.



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