San Francisco 49ers’ Coach Jim Harbaugh hiding MRI results of linebacker Patrick Willis – NFL News

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San Francisco 49ers’ Coach Jim Harbaugh hiding MRI results of linebacker Patrick Willis – NFL News
San Francisco 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh on Wednesday refrained from sharing information about the MRI results of the injured linebacker Patrick Willis and said that it is still not decided whether the player will play the Sunday’s
game against Arizona Cardinals.
Addressing media at the 49ers headquarters, the coach confirmed that he had received the MRI results of Willis, but said that they would not be shared.
When asked about Willis’ status for the weekend’s game, Jim said that no official word could be given yet.
“Don’t know, don’t know yet. Can’t make that determination today. He’s not going to practice today. But, that doesn’t mean he won’t play Sunday,” Jim Harbaugh said.
During the last week game against St. Louis Rams, Willis received an injury in the first quarter. He underwent an MRI exam on Monday, creating doubts on his participation in the game against Cardinals.
Willis is playing for the 49ers since the year 2007. He’s a regular starter and a key part of the team’s defence. This season, he has played all the 12 games where he recorded 93 tackles and two sacks.
Earlier, the coach had said that he was relieved to know that the player had not injured his knee.
“Nothing to share,” Harbaugh said. “I’m not in Patrick’s body. It’s hard to say with any injury, including a hamstring. ... I guess I was more relieved that it wasn’t a knee. That area that they were working on — I was concerned
about that, for Patrick and for our team.”
In the game against Rams, Larry Grant replaced Willis after the former got injured. It is expected that he’s going to start the game if Willis is sidelined on Sunday. He seems an ideal candidate because the coach also appreciated
his performance against Rams saying that the player was outstanding.
“I mean, you could hear his play in the ball game yesterday. Big hits. I know I heard it from where I was.”
49ers are the National Football Conference West champions. They have 10 victories to their credit with a secured playoff-spot. They have got four more games to play in the regular season.



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