Philadelphia Eagles place Kurt Coleman on injured reserve, Jaiquawn Jarrett to replace him–NFL News

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Philadelphia Eagles place Kurt Coleman on injured reserve, Jaiquawn Jarrett to replace him–NFL News
As expected, Philadelphia Eagles on Wednesday placed strong safety, Kurt Coleman, on injured reserve. Rookie safety, Jaiquawn Jarrett, is expected to replace him and start the game against Washington Redskins in the last game of the regular season on Sunday.
During the last week win over Dallas Cowboys, Coleman hurt his bicep. An MRI confirmed that he had a torn muscle, which would require more than a month to recover.
Coleman started his professional career after being drafted by the franchise in 2010. This season, he has started 13 games while playing 15 in which he recorded 78 tackles.
It is expected that Coleman will be replaced by Jarrett on Sunday. The rookie is playing his first professional season and has started one game while playing 11. He has 14 tackles to his credit.
Jarrett is excited to get his second start and said that he has prepared himself well to be a part of the team’s starting line-up.
He acknowledged that he is feeling pressure as it is his rookie season. However, he stressed that he is going to play as best as he can to end the season on a positive note for the Eagles, who are not going to the playoffs.
He said:
"There's always pressure. You have high expectations on yourself, so when I get out there, I'm going to make sure that I'm executing to the best of my ability. All I can do is just keep working."
The Eagles have won seven games this season and lost eight and are ranked third in the National Football Conference (NFC) East division.
They are on a three-game winning streak and that’s why the players are motivated to play the Sunday’s game despite losing a chance to reach the playoffs.
Quarterback, Michael Vick, who is also not hundred per cent fit, thinks that he is going to step on the field this weekend and lead his team to a victory.
Vick said:
“When you love the game of football, you always have to play with pride and passion, because you never know which game may be your last.”
He added:
“I’ll never just sit there and say, ‘there’s nothing to play for.’ That wasn’t the mindset I had when I first put on a helmet when I was seven-years-old and it’s not my mindset today.”
He also said that he expected the Eagles to reach the postseason. However, he was hopeful for future and said that his team would come back strong in the next season.



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