Oakland Raiders head coach Dennis Allen will not baby care running back Darren McFadden – NFL News

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Oakland Raiders head coach Dennis Allen will not baby care running back Darren McFadden – NFL News
Oakland Raiders star running back Darren McFadden has the reputation of spending more time off the field rather than on it due to injuries.
However, Raiders seem to be ready to put the running back in the line of fire as he returns to the field in the upcoming season.
Raiders head coach Dennis Allen believes that McFadden is truly fit and there is no need to put him on the bench as a precaution. While talking to the NFL Network on Wednesday, August 22, 2012, Allen said of the player:
“He’s 100 percent. He’s been extremely explosive throughout camp and in the preseason. He’s very vital to our offense, giving our offense a chance to be explosive and keep the defenses honest. We’re going to have to be able to keep him healthy and use him
throughout the year. The thing that you look at as a running back, it’s a tough position and they take some shots. That’s part of football and we can’t baby him, we can’t protect him. We have to go out there and play football and give him an opportunity to
carry the ball.”
Raiders do not have an option of putting McFadden on the bench in order to keep him away from injuries. This is because McFadden is the lifeline of the offence.
After the departure of Michael Bush in the free agency this offseason, Raiders are now relying more heavily on McFadden. There seems to be no sense in putting him out of the field for no apparent reason.
McFadden has shown good performance in this offseason. This has greatly boosted coach Allen’s confidence in him.
McFadden, who will turn 25 in the upcoming week, has a rising career in front of him. He has been one of the most outstanding players in the league during the last few seasons.
He has averaged more than 10 yards per reception during his entire career. McFadden was drafted by Raiders as a fourth overall pick in the 2008 draft.
Last season, he played just seven games due to a foot injury. He managed to carry 113 passes and covered 614 yards while scoring four touchdowns.



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