QB Colt McCoy sticks with Cleveland Browns but future uncertainty persists – NFL News

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QB Colt McCoy sticks with Cleveland Browns but future uncertainty persists – NFL News
Cleveland Browns’ quarterback Colt McCoy has lately expressed his profound love for the city of Cleveland, and Browns, refusing to ask the management for his trade after losing the starting position to rookie Brandon Weeden, but uncertainty about his future
with the team still looms over his head.
Colt clearly sounded willing to accept a backup role, win of which is also down to a competition, but it is not clear if the positive attitude is going to work out any longer to guarantee his stay with Browns for any shorter or longer period.
The QB said:
“I got drafted here, I spent a lot of time here, I feel comfortable with what we're doing. We've been through a lot of ups and downs, and I'm a Cleveland Brown. That's what I am."
He added:
"I love my teammates, I love this organisation. I love this city."
With Brandon now a confirmed offence leader for Browns, Colt has to fight for the second or may be third backup position. He has to face Seneca Williams for the backup position competition, while coach Pat Shurmur has already started talking about improvement
in form of another QB Thaddeus Lewis – apparently bad news for Colt as he might have to fight for even the third back position.
Pat said:
"There's something to Thad that I think is worth developing."
The coach apparently has sounded to be very clear in the message to Colt but the player insists he is focused to game and not distracted to these developments.
His optimism nevertheless does not clear the uncertain situation surrounding his immediate prospects with Browns and it will be a very hard decision for him to make if he is snubbed for even second or third position.
Colt started 13 games for Browns last season before being ousted for remaining three with a concussion. His below-par performance prompted Browns to select a first-round QB in this year’s draft – Brandon Weeden.
The rookie has started for the team in initial two preseason games, showing some signs of improvement after his first game with a shaky start, and the coach apparently is willing to stick to him as the offence leader no matter what happens in the future.



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