RB Maurice Jones-Drew optimistic about future with Jacksonville Jaguars – NFL News

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RB Maurice Jones-Drew optimistic about future with Jacksonville Jaguars – NFL News
Jacksonville Jaguars’ rebellious running back Maurice Jones-Drew has surprised everyone by all of sudden coming out of hiding to express optimism about improvement in his relationship with the team in the near future.
Maurice has skipped the entire offseason programme of the team in protest of the team’s ignorance to his compelling long-term hefty deal demand.
The RB is now optimistic more than ever that things are going to turn around for him – amid complete silence maintained by the Jaguars. He said:
"I think things are going to work out. Everything's going to be good."
Nothing more was said by him as the entire situation regarding the deal issue remains unaddressed. The player has not elaborated if his agent had been in contact with Jaguars’ managers talking his deal matter or is he going to play out the remaining two
years of his previous deal, as demanded by general manager Gene Smith.
Amid no comments from the Jaguars, the status of the deal matter is that the Jaguars are not going to land him a fresh contract to him with a better payout.
Maurice so far is no showing at training camp of the team and the matter appears to be very much in the deadlock phase, while the player still facing the risk of $30,000 fine for each day he has skipped training.
Since information around the latest claim by Maurice is very little it is difficult to ascertain an exact outcome awaiting the player.
The possibility remains two-way: he may or may not get the new contract with an increase in remuneration. Also, he may or may not continue to be on the holdout. If he returns it will be good news for the Jaguars but the comeback - which appears to be not
an easy option for the player given he has been protesting the contract issue all along – will depend on his agreement to play on terms of the previous deal.
Any response from the Jaguars in reaction to the player’s optimistic claims can clear the air about the future relationship between the team and player.



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