Oakland Raiders’ head coach Dennis Allen likes players’ efforts during OTAs – NFL News

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Oakland Raiders’ head coach Dennis Allen likes players’ efforts during OTAs – NFL News
On the second day of Oakland Raiders’ organised team activities (OTAs), all the veterans and rookies once again took to the field and trained together on Tuesday, May 15, 2012, with head coach, Dennis Allen, showing satisfaction over the efforts of all players.
During his press conference after the training session, Allen shed light on the latest development related to his team while commenting on performance of different players.
According to the details present on the team’s official website, when asked how the activities were going, the head coach said:
“I’ve liked our effort. I think our guys are flying around, they’re working hard. What we preach is to get a little better every day which is what they’re doing, so I am pleased with the guys’ effort.”
It is for the first time that the veterans and rookies are spending time together on the field as they were not allowed to do it before the OTAs.
As per the National Football League (NFL) rules, the veterans were not allowed to train with the rookies during the three-day minicamp last week.
However, that restriction is lifted and the true abilities of all the rookies will be put to test now.
Allen is hoping for the rookies to showcase their true talent, which will help the management design the roster for the upcoming season.
He was of the view that all the players should be able to handle pressure and said that it would be his main focus during the OTAs to develop pressure-handling skills of all players.
He said:
“When we get into these team periods and things are going faster, and people start moving around making sure that they know what their assignments are and that they’re able to execute it. So our guys are doing a good job, they’re working hard to try to get
better. That’s really, at the end of the day, that’s what we’re focused on.”
Meanwhile, the rookies were said to be enjoying the OTAs as the seniors are acting like their mentors and helping them understand the team’s playbook.
Raiders still have a lot of training sessions to go before the completion of the OTAs.



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