Oakland Raiders’ head coach Dennis Allen shares his views on next season’s schedule – NFL News

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Oakland Raiders’ head coach Dennis Allen shares his views on next season’s schedule – NFL News
The Oakland Raiders were not able to qualify for the playoffs in the last National Football League (NFL) season, but they are hopeful of overcoming their flaws this time to mark their appearance in the postseason.
In the last season, Raiders lost four of their last five games three of which were played on road. The defeat in the games towards the end of the season apparently became their reason for the failure and they ended the season at third spot in the American
Football Conference (AFC) West Division with eight wins and eight defeats.
As per the 2012 schedule, announced by the league on Tuesday, April 17, 2012, Raiders play their last two games on road, but before that they will play three straight home games.
Raiders’ head coach, Dennis Allen, thinks that it will be at the team’s advantage to play the three straight games on home late in the season. He commented:
“like the fact that we have three back-to-back-to-back home games right there during the stretch run before we’ve got to go on the road for the last two and finish out the year. So, I think obviously getting a chance to play at home late in the year is an
Raiders will play their season-opener against their division rivals San Diego Chargers. They will travel to play against Miami Dolphins in their next game and will return home to host Pittsburgh Steelers before once again leaving home to face the Denver
Raiders will play 12 games after their bye week. Out of them, six will be played on road and six on home.
Allen thinks that knowing the schedule helps the team in preparing for their opponents, but he asserted that the players should be ready to face any opponent at any given time.
He said:
“Obviously, it’s exciting when you get a chance to look at it and, obviously.”
He added:
“But at the end of the day, it really doesn’t matter. We’ve got to line up and play those games whenever they call for us to go play them.”
While sharing his views on the upcoming NFL drafts, he said that the scouts have already worked really hard to collect all the information and that he will have a meeting with the general manager to finalise all the matters.



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