Dionysius Hayom Rumbaka struggles to pass round-of-16 stage at Vietnam Open Grand Prix 2012

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Dionysius Hayom Rumbaka struggles to pass round-of-16 stage at Vietnam Open Grand Prix 2012
Indonesia’s talented shuttler Dionysius Hayom Rumbaka had to work extra hard to surge into Men’s Singles quarter-final as he narrowly defeated his lower ranked opponent Wei Sheng Loh of Malaysia in round-of-16 encounter at Vietnam Open Grand Prix 2012 in
Vietnam, on Thursday, August 23.
The World Number 20 Rumbaka, who is the second seed in Men’s Singles main draw in Vietnam Open, employed everything he had in his possession and managed to overpower his rival in a thrilling fight that took 51 minutes.
The higher ranked Rumbaka could not tackle the aggression of his rival in the first game but played well to take the second set. He proved his worth in the final set and eventually won the fight in three games with a reasonable score on the board.
The un-seeded Wei Sheng, on the contrary, played with precision and took the first set but he could not maintain his staggering performance in the following games and lost to his higher ranked Indonesian challenger in rubber sets.
The opening set was interesting from the starting points as they played attacking badminton and remained close until the mid-game interval.
After the break, the second seeded Rumbaka tried to push his rival on back foot but failed to live up to expectations and lost the game with a tight 20-22 score on the board.
However, the higher ranked Indonesian player made a strong comeback in the match by playing remarkable badminton in the second game.
Rumbaka played with aggression and established a tremendous gap on score board until the end of first half.
After the break, the Indonesian shuttler continued putting up wonderful show and eventually took the set with an incredible 21-7 score on the board.
In the deciding set, Rumbaka spared no chance for his Malaysian opponent to get a good flow. He remained in commanding position all the way and took a wonderful lead until the break.
The impressive Rumbaka remained on track after the break and easily took the final set with a comfortable score of 21-14.
The in-form Indonesian player managed to win this tough battle with a 20-22, 21-7 and 21-14 margin on the board.



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