Oakland Raiders’ head coach, Dennis Allen, sings praises of New Orleans Saints’ Drew Brees –NFL News

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Oakland Raiders’ head coach, Dennis Allen, sings praises of New Orleans Saints’ Drew Brees –NFL News
Oakland Raiders’ head coach, Dennis Allen, has left no stone unturned in singing praises of New Orleans Saints’ quarterback, Drew Brees, who registered his career-best statistics in the last National Football League (NFL) season.
Allen even went to say that Brees has all the qualities he wants to see in an ideal Oakland Raider.
While giving an exclusive interview to the Contra Costa Times, Allen admired Brees’ physical strength and his skills. Allen said:
"If there's one guy that I was around that I think exemplifies what we're looking for in an Oakland Raider, it would be Drew Brees. When you look at his height, weight, speed, it might not be the most impressive. But what the guy is, he's a tough, smart,
competitive, instinctive football player.”
In the last NFL regular season, Brees played and started all 16 games for Saints. He completed a total of 468 passes of 657 attempts for 5,476 yards. He also scored 46 touchdowns and threw 14 interceptions, receiving a quarterback rating of 110.6. He was
also a strong contender for receiving the title of the season’s Most Valuable Player (MVP).
Allen, who has recently taken charge of the team as head coach, is constantly working to prepare a winning team.
He has not yet completely organised the team’s training session in which he could call all the players and train with them, but the players have arrived in the team’s facility to participate in the offseason voluntary workout programme.
Allen is seemingly satisfied with the way things have gone so far and he is rather surprised and excited to see the players gaining rhythm.
The head coach said of the players who attend the workout:
"Here's what's struck me about this team a little bit -- you kind of have had the picture of the outlaw, renegade Raiders, and that's not the case. These are guys that come to work; they're family men and they come and they do their job. And that's what
you expect.”
Raiders finished the last NFL season after winning and losing eight games respectively. They were ranked at third spot in the American Football Conference (AFC) West division ranking and were not able to qualify for the playoffs.



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