Risky Rizkova tipped to succeed in Greene King Nursery

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Risky Rizkova tipped to succeed in Greene King Nursery
Risky Rizkova is in a very good position to win the Greene King Nursery at Goodwood in England on Friday, August 24, 2012. He will have to outperform seven other runners in order to claim a cash prize of £3,409 from the class-5 event.
The going will be good in the 6 furlong event, which will be quite entertaining for the spectators. All the runners lack experience at this level, thus the punters will have to be extremely careful while choosing their favourite.
Looking at the records of all participants, the bookmakers have shown interest in Ovett, who has only participated in a couple of events. He was unable to make a strong impression on his debut, but did a very good job last time around, finishing on top of
the table by a neck distance.
However, there is a doubt over the consistency of Ovett, thus the bettors might not risk a lot of bets in his favour. They will rather opt for someone like Risky Rizkova, who has proved his mettle on a couple of occasions. He has been given a general starting
price of 9 to 2 by the bookmakers and will definitely be fighting for victory today.
The two-year-old gelding does not have a lot of experience, but that does not mean that he cannot win the race. He has got a lot of potential and if everything goes well, no one will be able to come anywhere closer to him.
The Jonathan Portman’s trainee made his first appearance in June this year and did a terrific job in it. He was not rated as the favourite to win back then, but challenged the top contenders for victory. His effort was good enough to earn him the top spot
by a head distance in the end.
Things did not go well for the young runner in his second race, as he lacked the speed to fight for the top three positions. He had to settle for fifth place that time around, but bounced back in his most recent outing. Although, he was unable to win it,
yet he had the speed to take the second place. His jockey back then was Matthew Davies, who will be partnering him once again today.
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