Oakland Raiders’ head coach, Dennis Allen: Chemistry between three quarterbacks is good – NFL News

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Oakland Raiders’ head coach, Dennis Allen: Chemistry between three quarterbacks is good – NFL News
Oakland Raiders’ head coach, Dennis Allen, is pleased with the way the three quarterbacks of the team are training together during the offseason activities and said that they have developed good chemistry between them.
At the moment, Raiders have Carson Palmer, Matt Leinart and Terrelle Pryor to serve at the quarterback position.
While talking to media after the second day of the organised team activities (OTAs), Allen said that the presence of all these players in the squad was not bothering him and that all of them were working together.
According to the details present on the team’s official website, the head coach said of the three quarterbacks:
“I think the chemistry’s been good. I think they’re all working together. And I think they understand that for us to be good, they’ve all got to be pulling the rope in the same direction, and we can’t have factions going one way or the other.”
Allen added:
“They’ve been great together. They’re competing, they all want a chance to play and that’s what we want. It’s been a healthy competition, and I’ve been pleased with it.”
Allen also appreciated Palmer and said that he has taken a leadership role in the team. He said of Palmer:
“I think when you’re good, your quarterback is the leader of your team and he’s obviously done a good job this offseason in taking control of that.”
As of the latest, Palmer is expected to take the starting role in the 2012 National Football League (NFL) season.
Leinart, who has been brought in the team on a one-year deal recently, is expected to serve as the second-string quarterback, while Pryor, who made his NFL debut last year, will be the third-string quarterback.
That being said, Raiders are also going to provide opportunity to every player to prove his talent and earn the starting role.
If Palmer starts for them and does not perform well in the upcoming season, he might get replaced by other quarterbacks.
So the competition is on and the head coach seems impressed with the professionalism all three quarterbacks have shown so far during the OTAs.



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