The Navy Seals or Force Recon?

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I want to do Navy Seals but i think its a waste of time because if I dont make it im going back to a ship somewhere cleaning decks. But the Marines force recon interested me better pay and I can be Recon if I dont make it into force recon. which do you think is best.




  1. The pay is the same .. maybe even  less cause the SEALs may et more special pay.

    Both are very hard.

    Both are good.

    All you can do is get yourself into shape and try.. but it's not going to be easy.

    Instead of wasting our time, do some research on your own on the internet. EVERYTHING you need to know is floating around on the internet with simple Yahoo! searches ... and there are a crapload of books about it to, that tell you everything about it and the entire process of becoming them.

  2. The military pay is the same for all , so that should not even come into play . Now as the which is the best for you , I am a former Marine so of course I will tell you that force recon is by far the way to go . The seals however do run a close second to me . Personally I think you can not go wrong with either one .

    Simper Fi

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