I think Navy SEALs and Army Special Forces are the only spec ops that still exist, what do u think?

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trully, Rangers and Delta/CAG are pretty good at what they do, but they do not do as much as SEALs and Green Berets, for instance, SEALs and green berets conduct a WIDE band of missions and are still very discrete about it. Rangers are more light infantry, raids, infiltration, iunno doesn't sound like SPEC OPS, Delta Force is more of a hostage rescue, or what YOU people might think as killing high prioty target mission conspiracy's... i think its bullshit when ppl say rangers and CAG are spec ops, both my parents were chiefs in the navy, dad was in the SEALs for 4 years, to finish off his med diver 6 year enlistment, then he went into Intel, i live with my dad stationed at an AF base in germany, i get meet alot of soldiers/marines/airmen that come back from a iraq and they agree with this, what you guys think?




  1. What about MARSOC?

  2. I'm taking it you've never served and especially haven't had the opportunity to work with any members of the 75th Ranger Regiment, CAG, or SF Groups. All of these units are members of the United States Special Operations Command, and they all play very vital roles. Although each units roles my be different, it's necessary to have different specialties. In fact, almost all Special Operations units work together to complete a common objective, including SEALs.

    You're making snotty and uninformed assumptions based on...? I have no idea what you're basing these ideas on, but you're clearly in the dark. CAG isn't just "hostage rescue."  It is widely used for operations against HVTs. Of course you wouldn't know this. In addition, the 75th Ranger Regiment isn't just "light infantry." It is the backbone of the Special Operations community and works extensively with other groups to conduct operations against high value targets, among other important things. Very rarely is the Ranger Regiment used as a light infantry force.

    I don't know who you've been talking to, but they've really got you confused. Each group does different tasks better than another. SF is very good and primarily used for building internal defense. Rangers are the Army's premier raid force, with adept specialties in conducting DA operations and seizing airfields. No other unit is better at this. Both have capabilties of conducting operations by land, sea, or air.

    Every aspect of USSOC is vital and provide different roles. You don't know what you're talking about. You sound like a kid...

    Whether it be SF, Ranger Regiment, CAG, 160th SOAR, MARSOC units, PJs, ETACs, SEALs, etc... they are all Special Operations and operate under USSOC. Everyone plays a different role, but they're all important.

    Anyone who has ever had the experience to work with these groups would know better. You're definitely not one of these people. (Scroll down to where it lists the units)

  3. i think you are wrong, thats what i think.  

  4. I think, correction - know - you're wrong. There are other groups out there you don't even know about.

  5. You would have information about these other groups because you have secret clearance?  

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