Air Force Enlisted or Army/Navy Officer?

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Ok, so I met with my Army Recruiter and basically he told me that given the fact that I already have my B.A. Degree, I could go to regular Basic Training and then go to OCS, and upon Graduation I would be a 2nd Lt. Now the thing is that based on the research I've done, out of all the Officers, the 2nd Lt. are the most likely to be in the Front Lines with the platoon (which is understandable given the fact that it is the lowest ranking as far as Officers go). So, based on personal experience (or comments made by friends and/or family), which do you think is the better branch for a 25 year old single female (who isn't very powerful in the muscle department. I'm strong, I'm just not Wonder Woman strong!). Which do you think would offer the most job-wise and quality of life wise?

What about the Navy? Are the bases really as bad as they make them out to be? How is it like for a female Junior Officer in the Navy. Lately, I've been starting to narrow my options down to Navy and Air Force. Does anyone have any insight to this.

LOTS of answers are extremely welcome. I read and take each and every one into consideration:)




  1. Thank you for your desire to serve.  As pointed out, any position requires a degree of risk.  Also, it should be noted that Air Force, and Navy are currently downsizeing, so they are slightly more picky about who they accept. (Although I'm sure you are well qualified).  Although there is no "front line" in Iraq, you cannot be assigned to any combat roles (No infantry, Armor, etc)  The Army does not have Officer recruiters, and it sounds like you are getting sound advise in that angle.  In general

    Air Force/Navy-  Currently downsizeing, and slightly picky about their choices.  Quality of life is better, but it is not as good career wise.  Officers are being downsized and not allowed to reup, so you have to be on top of your game to stick around and/or be promoted.

    Army-  If your looking to make it a career, the Army has the most oppertuanaties, and high retention rates.  They also have the most bases/recreation facilities, but they generally pale in comparision to Navy/Air Force.

  2. No Navy bases are not "bad"...

    My suggestion to you is regardless of what service you decide to enter....make sure you are talking to an OFFICER recruiter or someone in OFFICER programs.  

    Good Luck

  3. if your main concern is serving on the front lines and being injured, then i would suggest you forget about the armed services and get an office job at some lawyers office and then you wont have to worry about anything.  (except maybe, the lawyer).

  4. Hello:

    I am a 26 y/o female with my heart set on the AF as well and in addition to that, also carry a BA. The difficulty is that they prefer technical degrees. And though I carry about 1/2 of an engineering degree (and I'm really close to that age requirement cut off), I know I may have the same difficulty as you. I want to be an officer so I am not closing myself off to any of the other branches. You need to be open to exploring your options. I think there are also qualifying exams (I just ordered some study materials). I want to be where I am challenged and can also advance in my education. I believe in life long education and I have already in my mind committed myself to the field of engineering.

    I am looking at my commitment as a real career, not just one term. Are you? I don't know if you are looking for a few years, or an actual career. Definitely talk to recruiters of all branches, just let them know that you are researching. Also they will always rag on the other branches...haha! I love the guy humor, (since I've only encountered male recruiters thus far)  but ask for catalogs and lots of info on their educational certifications for jobs etc. They will provide it to you and you can do your own research and follow up with questions.

    I am very open to the Navy as well. AF and Navy have great post graduate institutions. =) All depends on what YOU want to do. Your recruiter cannot decide everything for you.  

  5. Understand no matter what branch you enlist you will be in harm's way to some degree. Let's break it down, if you can go in as an officer than absolutely do so as there will better opportunities for you in the military as well as better pay. The other part of your question was that Army officers are on the front lines, yes this can be true as they are the boots on the ground branch of the military. The Navy can have you further away from the fighting and if they offer you an officer status than take it. The Air Force is probably the safest of the branches and may even have you state side, but if they are only offering you enlisted status than I would decline.

    Good luck.  

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